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Hello and welcome to Abyssal Hearts, a for-profit Chaeya zine! Leftover Sales open 16 November 2022 at 6PM EST! Any further questions may be found in our FAQ.


Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

What is a zine?

A zine is a collaborative project by fans for fans. Artists and writers will be selected after an application process and will then create a piece on-theme for the zine in question - in this case, every piece needs to feature Chaeya!

What's the zine about? What's included?

This is a Chaeya zine; that is to say every piece will be about Childe and Kaeya and their relationship. Pieces don't need to be explicitly established in nature; for instance, writers could write a meet-cute, a confession or something established - whatever they prefer. We have a few questions in our interest check about whether potential buyers would prefer canon or AU content, and if NSFW content is something that's worth us looking into!

Is the zine digital or physical?

At present we're planning on definitely doing digital, but we're looking into the feasibility of a physical zine; several of the mods have experience with physical zines and are happy to accommodate this if there is enough demand to make the financials work. If we do this, there will likely be some physical merch options to go with the physical book. Any NSFW add-on would remain digital.

How much is it going to cost?

We don't know yet and we can't be sure until we start getting interest check data (so we know if we're going physical or if we're staying digital-only).

How many artists and writers will be accepted?

This information will vary depending on the response from the interest check. More information will be updated in the Applications page and on our Twitter as necessary.

Who can take part?

At this stage the mods are intending on only working with contributors over the age of 18.

How can I contact you?

You may contact us through our DMS or through our Curious Cat!

Mod Team

Meet the Moderators!

Pronouns: They/Them
Mod Role: Writing/General
Why Chaeya?: Chaeya sexy… I just really love their backstories and how they interact with other characters generally, so I think it’s really neat to speculate on how they’d interact together!
**Experience: **
I was a general/writing mod over at the Say For Instance Sakuatsu Zine (@sfisakuatsuzine), which is currently in production and is due to be wrapped up within the coming weeks! I’m also in multiple zines as a writing contributor, including four ongoing Genshin projects. On top of that, I currently mod the Constellations Rarepair Bang (@const_bang), Chiscara Week (@chiscaraweek) and Chaeya Week (@chaeya_week).

Pronouns: She/Her
Mod Role: Finance/Storefront Management
Experience: Hi! I may have only started playing Genshin in April, but I've been modding and writing for zines for 3+ years! My latest project I modded was the SFI Sakuatsu Zine, where I was responsible for email, social media, and the storefront! I worked with Lou on budgeting for the project. I'm also a contributing writer for 四十八, a Dororo zine. I look forward to bringing my experience to Abyssal Hearts!

Pronouns: She/Her
Mod Role: Social Media/General
Why Chaeya?: [insert long, sprawling paragraph of Genshin Impact theories about the Abyss and connections between Childe and Kaeya here] oh and also, Kaeya pretty.
Experience: This is my first zine! However, I have experience as a contributor for several zines, including Off the Court! and Stylish!Haikyuu Captains. As a moderator and head of social media, I have experience running fic-festivals and bangs for various fandoms. I am excited to learn and assist in ensuring the success of Abyssal Hearts!

Pronouns: She/Her
Mod Role: Graphics/Layout/Art
Why Chaeya?: I think their dynamic is neat and so fun to explore !!
Experience: Hello! I am a graphics and layout mod over at SFI Sakuatsu Zine (in production) and HQ Girls Zine. I am also participating in Ace of Hearts, an Aran Ojiro zine, as a page artist.

Pronouns: She/Her
Mod Role: Graphics
Why Chaeya?: I have had the worst brainrot for them for months, with lots of speculation over how they’d interact. I just think they’re neat :)
Experience: I’ve done some work on a zine for a previous fandom, and I’m also the current graphics mod for the Genshin School Zine (@genshinschool). I like working in photoshop with really vibrant colors and designs and I even make my own twitter layouts from time to time. I’m excited to work with this team to see Abyssal Hearts come to fruition!

Pronouns: He/Him
Mod Role: Shipping
Experience: I have been in many zines! I've worked on several projects in the BNHA fandom, and now in Genshin! I am currently working on the Zhongli zine and the Childe zine, but have completed zines in the past such as LowLights and After Hours!


Applications were open from 6/20 to 7/20 12AM GMT in 2021.

Please Check out Contributor Guidelines Doc for more Information

Artist Applications

Writer Applications

Any questions may be directed to our Twitter DMs or our CuriousCat